October Meets all Shades of Pink from Maison&Objet

A couple of weeks passed after FashionRepublik‘s trip to Maison&Objet in Paris (September 2018). We waited for everything we saw and experienced to sink in before highlighting some of our favorite brands, products, and stands. There was so much to see and enjoy, but we couldn’t help but notice the power of the color pink everywhere. A popular hue at the show, pink came in different shades; from ‘millennial’ pink, to soft pink, and blush pink… this color is definitely  having its moment in the interior world!

And since it’s October and we’re are all for the fact that Early Detection Saves Lives during Breast Cancer awareness month, we say Think Pink all the way!

Happy scrolling!

The Ribbon Chair by Qeeboo

Pink is all over the place at Qeeboo‘s stand, but to highlight one of our favorite products (other than the rabbits, the gorillas and …), we choose the Ribbon Chair. Dainty, this chair expresses the female language of Nika Zupanc with a strong and essential icon. The ribbon is graceful and astonishing, an expression of a gift or an event. In comes in black, white, pink and the new gold and rose gold versions.

Slinkie by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis

CC-Tapis at Maison&Object 2018

Now that the cold is coming, we start thinking of carpets. One of the stands at Maison&Objet that was impressively attractive is CC-Tapis. Their beautiful structure highlighted the brands latest rugs designed by Elena Salmistraro, Patricia Urquiola, Leonardo Talarico and Eligo Studio.

Our favorite is the Slinkie collection from cc-tapis. Hand-knotted in Nepal with cotton weave and himalayan wool, this collection includes shades of pink designed by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola.

Pink Apple from Bull&Stein

Bull&Stein, a Brazilian-German collaboration, was founded by Cynthia Stein and Marcus Bull. Marcus’s love and passion for art and sculpture is perfectly matched with Lisa Pappon‘s eternal quest for new forms, techniques and finishes. Their series of sculptures, which includes Apples, Cherries, Lemons among other fruits are a hit and the series keep expanding. Here we choose their light pink indoor Apple Sculpture.

Fumario by Lucie Kaas

Lucie Kaas and Christian Troels introduce Fumario, a vase series that experiments with geometric expression. These vases merge geometric shapes together with industrial de- sign. The Fumario series can be used both in its traditional form, holding plants and flowers, or as small pieces of art for the home.

Shade Design by Nanimarquina

More carpets to consider? Check out the Shade collection inspired by magical moments in nature where colors melt and speak for themselves. Designer Begüm Cana Özgür emphasizes: “this is a handmade flat-weave rug that generates an incredible and well-rounded diffusion of color. The surface releases a sense of tranquillity and well-being that is balanced by the penetrating vibration of colors.”

Marble Collection by BORNN Enamelware

Colorful marble is now a thing. Turkish BORNN Enamelware has launched the Marble collection of tableware, using the traditional marbling technique that emerged in Anatolia and dates back to the 15th century. Contrasting colors and patterns create a surprising composition and part of its appeal is that each design is unique. Coincidence and the hand of the artisan plays a strong role in the creation of each pattern and the collection balances on the border between art, craft and design.

Dome Deco

Dome Deco is a European interior design company with a cosmopolitan collection of furniture, home accessories and interior textiles. Walking through their stand, one feels warmth, quality and diversity.

Pallet Daybed by Sebastian Herkner  for Pulpo

Thinking about the first significant furniture for pulpo with the typical spontaneous, artistic and crafted attitude Sebastian Herkner wanted to design a simple but also well refined daybed. Pallet is a daybed with a wooden base and a soft mattress, covered with natural leather. The mattress is fixed to the base with a cuff made of the same leather.

Collection 02 by Marie-Lise Féry for Magic Circus

Loosely inspired by Chinese paper lanterns, Collection 02 from Magic Circus offers an entirely new perspective with an unexpected choice of materials and scale. Influenced by a brazen mix of Asian inspiration and Art Nouveau style, this new collection features delicate and poetic shapes, floral and sculptural elements, flowing and curving lines; all of which are shown in a palette of soft powdery hues.

Royal Stranger Marshmallow Collection

It seems that vintage spirit and color have a definite future when it comes to high-end furniture. And at Royal Stranger, color is definitely a key aspect in their collection. We highlight some of the Marshmallow collection where art and craftsmanship meet.

Girly and romantic, aesthetics are the mainstay of this house that has wagered on innovation. Combined with bright hues, creating an original visual effect, its range of daring and asymmetrical furniture offers an eccentric and elegant touch to a living room that is sure to capture our attention.


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