“Oh Sweetie” from M.A.C. Gives Your Lips a Frosted Look

Cake frosting anyone? M.A.C.’s new “Oh Sweetie” collection of lip glosses, which literally look, smell, taste, and feel like cake frosting, you’ll we enjoying the sweetness all day long.

With 15 new flavors including Funfetti Cake, Sugar Cookies, Banana Muffins, and Coconut Macaroon, the line is headed up by model and influencer Caroline Daur, whose favorite flavors are Death by Chocolate and Panna Cotta, according to a press release.

The formula is described as “whipped for mousse-like texture” and promises to serve up “funfetti-bright, frosted opaque hues for lips,” and will come in a rainbow sprinkle-inspired range of colors, including a blue called Wild Berry Frosting, a green called Key Lime Truffle, a white called Funfetti Cake, a peach called Creamy Peach Pie, and various pinks with names like Raspberry Cream, Gumdrop, and Strawberry Torte.

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