Oliver de Gem: A Tour de Force in Sterling Jewelry

Oliver de Gem is a tour de force in the world of pure silver jewelry. The success of De Gem’s first collection, Planète led to the recent launch of Planète.Bis. De Gem works with only the very best silver with a dedication to perfection. “I always loved sterling silver, it has to be sterling silver and not silver plated. For me silver is like a second skin it lives with you,” he said. A fascinating collection, Planète.Bis is simply out of this world.

Designer Oliver De Gem, born and raised in Beirut, worked as a buyer and design consultant for over a decade. Specialized in Nordic design and luxury brands, his first collection, Planète, was launched at Beirut Design Week 2018. The collection was hosted by Randa Tabbah, who comes from a long tradition of jewelers and established her own line in 1993 after studying at HBJO, Paris.

“After working for years as a buyer for mainly Scandinavian brands, I felt the urge to start my own brand and eventually you can directly see that [Nordic] influence in my designs – pure, sleek and minimal,” said De Gem. Indeed, the collection speaks of contemporary design like few others, embracing the famed Scandinavian approach to minimalism.

Interestingly, his collection is a unisex brand, suitable for both men and women. It’s a great concept, albeit one that might require people to think out of the box, according to De Gem, “I truly believe that we have to be open minded and think:” Would it suit me or not?” instead of focusing on ‘man’ or ‘woman’. All my designs are unisex, even the earrings, it all depends on how you style yourself and on the occasion.”

De Gem’s approach is spontaneous, passionate and unscripted, “I don’t sit and think of design honestly, images come to me while I’m dancing, walking, whatever, that’s when I sit and do a sketch and develop my idea.”

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