Omar Aqil Turns Picasso’s Art into 3D Artwork

MIMIC is a series of a new visual experiment using art from the past. Pakistan-based digital artist and art director Omar Aqil randomly picked six paintings from the Pablo Picasso’s (one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century) work and recreated them into modern 3D artwork. Aqil has also created experimental backgrounds using medieval architectural elements in modern flair.

Aqil’s interpretations add a bit of whimsy and his own personal touch to the 20th century artist’s oil paintings, bringing voluminous textures and unexpected depth to famous pieces, while exploring Picasso’s geometric forms further and showing how they interact with each other.

Aquil says he has long been fascinated by Picasso’s artwork, and offers this project as a visual example of how different people might interpret an artwork.

“This is a small effort to give Picasso a humble tribute for his revolutionary efforts in modern art,” Aqil tells Fashionrepublik.

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