With Oud Assafi Comes Chopard Collection of Fragrances

Sustainably sourced and flawlessly blended with a superb array of the finest natural ingredients, the world’s most precious oud – Oud Assafi – comes in a collection of four masculine luxury fragrances.

Chopard Parfum recently unveiled their new Haute Parfumerie Collection Gardens of the Kings.  This is the first time that an entire high-perfumery collection pays tribute and showcases the highest quality of pure Indian Oud oil coming from this extraordinary producer. It is also the first time that a western brand has undertaken a journey up to the sources of this hidden olfactory treasure in the Sylhet region, to visit the forests, to meet the oud Masters and the oud communities, to witness Jalali Agarwood’s unique arboriculture and distillation savoir-faire, to understand their philosophy, their engagement for their people and their unconditional love and respect for Oud.

Gardens of the Kings was born from a unique journey to the Sylhet lands of Bangladesh, the source of this olfactory treasure. In these sacred forests, Chopard first encountered the masters and communities of oud. At the Jalali Agarwood’s family plantations, Chopard witnessed first-hand a responsible arboriculture and a unique, ancestral tradition of distillation. This led to an understanding of the meaning of their philosophy, and their profound commitment to nature and respect for this sacred wood.

The four fragrances, created by the Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, take Oud Assafi on an olfactive journey across India, China, the Middle-East and South America, blending it with a superb array of exceptional natural ingredients responsibly sourced from five different continents.

Four perfumes – Agar Royal – Aigle Impérial – Nuit des Rois – Or de Calambac – whose scents and names reveal the mysteries and fascination of oud through time and the world.

“Echoing Chopard’s high-jewelry creations, this unique collection celebrates the majestic beauty of nature and the endless emotions it awakens in the hearts of human beings.



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