Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel: A Unique Concept Splashed with Colors

Weekend in Ibiza? Weekend surrounded with fresh colors and art pieces? Here’s FashionRepublik’s two cents for you: Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. This hotel is a totally unique option to stay in the island surrounded by contemporary art is inspired by the MiMo (Miami Modern). But what we would like to focus on here is the ZERO SUITE – a room any guest can stay there for a night absolutely free.

Located in the lobby, this particular room has glass walls and it is fully furnished (bed, table, chairs …) and has its own bathroom, though, admittedly, this has opaque walls. The room can be used as a single or double and each guest can use it once a year.

During the high season for tourism on the island, ZERO SUITE will also be used for a program of weekend art residencies. Once a month, an invited multidisciplinary artist will stay in the room and create an artwork in it. In this way, the artist will take his or her creative process out of the studio so that the hotel’s guests, tourists and residents of Ibiza can witness for themselves how an artwork is created.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel launches this completely novel idea in the hotel sector which is sure to connect with a different type of tourist motivated by cultural concerns.

The ZERO SUITE RESIDENCIES project is part of the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel  contemporary art program directed by the artist Iñaki Domingo and the filmmaker Diana Kunst, and conceived specifically for the hotel.

The program also includes Art Rooms, with artworks on exhibit in all the rooms; Art Library, specializing in contemporary art; and Art Gallery with its own program of exhibitions.

This new hotel is part of an ongoing project to transform and enhance the island’s tourist offer, programing exhibitions and activities to showcase the latest trends in art.

Concept Hotel Group is an Ibiza-based hotel chain which has introduced a new concept in accommodation over the last five years based on impeccable design by the ilmiodesign architecture and interior design studio. Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is the group’s fifth concept hotel, joining Santos, Tropicana, Dorado and Cubanito.

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