Patricia Urquiola and Kettal: The Force of Two

A long time collaborator with Kettal, Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has created fantastic pieces for the design firm. Recently, however, she went one step further when she designed the company’s new showroom in Barcelona. Trust, respect and determination to create are the hallmarks of the relationship between Urquiola and Kettal and the result is something quite remarkable. Here, FashionRepublik, sits with the talented creative once more to discuss her ties to Kettal and their working relationship.

Describe your relationship with Kettal.

I started in 2010 working with Kettal and I understood from the beginning, when I went to Barcelona, that they are quite open and there were a lot of possibilities. We did, and we are still doing, a lot of things together and we discuss different arrangements with them and I am so happy with our relationship.

You have been working with Kettal since 2010, how would you define Kettal’s ethos?

For me, Kettal is a company that thinks about what they are doing every day, and how they can push the limits. I think it is a good way to evolve in life. They are quite open to the changes and evolution, they are a very open minded company.

Roll tables

You recently launched the Roll tables, tell us more about the concept behind them…

The tables feature circular tops that are supported by chunky lacquered aluminum stems mounted on cylindrical blocks of concrete. The tables have a very simple line but they express the materiality typical of the brand. 

Vimini and Roll

How does Nanna Nanna Ditzel inspire the Vimini Collection?

This year with Kettal I worked on naturalness and memory. In the Vimini collection, the synthetic fibers recall the vegetal textures of the baskets and pay homage to the 1950s elegance of the Ditzel basket chair.

Barcelona showroom

Describe the new Kettal showroom in Barcelona. How did your style meet theirs?

We want to create a welcoming place where people can feel comfortable to have a look at and to feel Kettal’s expressive vision. The idea was to create a space with various functionalities and to find a way to highlight the new furniture and Kettal’s production process while featuring the iconic products through another approach.

The feel of Barcelona, in architectural terms, is the materiality of ceramic tiles and brick ceilings and also feature elements such as the Catalan vaults and internal courtyard atriums. We tried to incorporate these traditional architectural elements in a way that is coherent with the showroom’s space and the atmosphere we wanted to achieve.

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