Paul Rousso: Money, Candy Wraps and Magazines

Paul Rousso, an American artist, creates three-dimensional art of usually flat objects like dollar bills or the pages from the New York Times, chocolate wraps, cereal boxes, stamps, comics and more… Through his work, ‘Flat Depth’, his message is simple, “all this stuff is going away.”

Rousso’s fascination with paper – currency, advertising, newspapers, magazines – its history and use, its rise and fall, is an emblematic theme reflected frequently in his compositions. Despite the complexity of Rousso’s artistic work, everyone around the world can relate.

Flat Depth, is the logical progression of modern art – to render a flat object three-dimensional, or to collapse a three-dimensional object into two dimensions – and is a fusion of countless complex artistic methods, including painting, printing, sculpting, welding, chemistry, digital manipulation and digital printing.

By exaggerating the size of his creations – Rousso’s sculptures put the viewer in the position where they can look at that item and bid farewell to them.


“All this stuff is going away” includes paper that is slowly losing its relevance as a medium and is replaced by screens. Paul Rousso’s work is a monument to the printed word – “a dominion we are about to leave behind forever”.

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