Paula Chahine’s Abstract Art Takes the Region by Storm

Paula Chahine is a Lebanese artist who creates remarkable abstract pieces using layered painting techniques. Commonly working on acrylic on canvas, Chahine is increasingly making a name for herself and has sold over 700 paintings in the Middle East alone. Always working on something new, her meteoric rise is something to ponder. Here, FashionRepublik,  talks to this talented artist about her work, her influences and the future.


How would you define your work and what inspires you?

In terms of conception, it’s a manifestation of my guiltless search for happiness, if you’re talking about technique, it’s a layered approach, acrylic on canvas, figurative and contemporary art. I am inspired by Emotional events, people in my life and experiences.

Take us through your process.

My paintings have three to four layers, all acrylic, each layer needs two to three days to dry, so I need a minimum of 10 days to finish a painting once the idea is there. I love when a painting has depth in meaning as well as technique.

How often do you work on a new piece?

I am always working on different pieces, but sometimes I am more inspired so I paint more.

Most of your work is done on large canvases… tell us more.

Mostly yes, my technique requires large spaces. The smallest is maybe 60x60cm.

Tell us about your influences.

In my art there is always a message, in a time where people are influenced by fashion victims and fake people, I wanted to mention real influencers from our time, like Ghandi, Madame Curie, Grendizer and Mom. I like the subtle colors that express meaning in each painting.

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