Personalized Skincare Line ‘My Blend’ by Clarins Now in Lebanon

Dr. Olivier Courtin, son of the founder of the Clarins cosmetics, came all the way to Lebanon to launch Clarins’ latest range of personalized skincare line, My Blend, at Clarins Skin Spa in ABC Verdun.

My Blend is a new line of cosmetics built around 10 essential formulas (day and night), to which boosters can be added leading to 350 possible combinations, offering skincare that matches every modern women’s lifestyle and meets her specific skin needs.

During Dr. Olivier Courtin’s years of practice as a hospital surgeon, he observed that skin tissue regeneration is not only related to age and skin type but also depends on optimum physical and psychological conditions.

By highlighting the astonishing ability of peptides to protect the nerve endings, Dr. Olivier Courtin established a bridge between the skin and the brain in cell regeneration.

 To determine the needs of women’s skin, the life that they lead is just as important as their skin type. On the strength of this observation, My Blend by Dr Olivier Courtin has developed cosmetics based on women, their age, the characteristics of their skin, and above all the distinct features of their lifestyle. It is revolutionizing beauty products with a totally innovative bespoke skin care.

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