Philippe Starck: Cassina’s New Collection Made from Apple

Philippe Starck introduces yet another innovated product with Cassina. “Cassina Croque La Pomme” highlights a forward-thinking and experimental approach to contemporary design.

Starck, through this installation, aims to explore new forms of expression with alternative materials. Here he uses the Apple Ten Lork, an original material made from apples.

“A leather sofa is beautiful and comfortable, but why stop there? We pretend not to hear the question but we really need to find other solutions. Today, perhaps apples can give us the beginning of the answer. Like Eve, Newton and William Tell, we believe in the apple, in Apple Power. Let’s eat apples and hope that this Cassina sofa made from apples creates a new vegetal path to mutual respect,” explains Starck.

The Volage EX-S sofa, now presented with a new thinner armrest, along with the Privé collection and Caprice and Passion chairs, designed by Starck for Cassina, have all been reinvented with this innovative material available in white, orange and black, in a challenge to explore beyond leather. All items on show are available to buy as limited editions.

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