Phillipe Starck Goes Deep into the World of Perfume

Phillipe Starck just launched Peau de Nuit Infinie and Peau de Lumière Magique. The two new fragrances joins Peau de Soie, Peau de Pierre and Peau d’Ailleurs in the Starck Paris Peau perfume collection. “Perfume tells a story, an extraordinary story that transports us to another world,” expresses Starck. Between blue dreams and white flashes, between infinity and enchantment, these fragrances are new and unexpected reflections of their creator’s innermost imagination.

Peau de Nuit Infinie: Eau de parfum for men

“Peau de Nuit Infinie is a journey to an unknown, infinite universe, a fragrance that takes you to a place you have never been, from the depth of darkness to dusky twilight,” says Philippe Starck.  Delphine Lebeau, renowned master perfumer, delves into Starck’s imagination to bring his vision to life.

The scent… A mineral chord, which, beyond its initial cold and peaceful semblance, is brimming with an infinite quest for purity, revealed by its freshness, the vibrancy of bergamot and lemon/ambergris and fossilised wood pay tribute to eternally immortalized beauty/a leathery hint, with an animal yet velvety feel, a touch of dense, dark and sensual tenderness.

Peau de Lumière Magique: Eau de parfum for women

To ensure Peau de Lumière Magique was brought to life with all of its fragrant enchantment, Philippe Starck commissioned the talented perfume maker Daphine Buget , who is renowned for how she masters her art in an inquisitive and imaginative manner.

“I was inspired by light: candid, dazzling, intense. Light spreads everywhere, just like perfume. White flowers, innocent yet potent, contrast with chiaroscuro treated wood to create this shining halo of light.”

The scent… A sparkling floral and fresh chord, with citrus and peppery notes/instant flash like a dazzling ray of zenithal light created from a duo of white flowers, Indian jasmine and ginger blossoms/a golden halo with a touch of patchouli, unveiling woody and mysterious radiance.

Peau de Nuit Infinie and Peau de Lumière Magique bottles have kept a sober design, adorned this time with a metallic touch of gold or silver. They are harmonious and intriguing in their flowing shape: one the blue-violet shade of the night sky, the other as light as the rising sun. Each box features the Starck SIGNATURE, a message and a male or female face, whose gaze is only partially revealed, as captured by photographer Dominique Issermann.

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