A Picture of Europe Through Fine Craftsmanship

All over Europe, artists-artisans are using techniques and knowledge passed down over centuries to create stunning contemporary works that reflect their local environment.

Around 500 exceptional works created by some 150 artist – artisans from all over Europe will be on display in Venice this September (14- 30) in the Homo Faber exhibit Best of Europestunningly displayed in a room envisioned and designed by renowned Italian architect Stefano Boeri.

Each beautiful piece has been designed and executed by a single creative talent working in Europe today. They have been carefully selected for the exhibit by curator and gallerist Jean Blanchaert, who sought not only to showcase examples of European creativity and craftsmanship at the very highest level, but to demonstrate the diversity of Europe’s artistic heritage, as contemporary artisans draw on traditional techniques and materials that are firmly rooted in their homeland.

Each of these 150 artist–artisans has immense respect for the past while striving to develop and innovate, taking ancient skills with them into the future.

Together, these fascinating objects tell a story of Europe , reflecting the richness of culture, history, landscape, know – how and skills that make up this incredibly diverse continent.

As well as viewing the beautiful objects on display, visitors will also have the rare opportunity to see selected artist-artisans working in situ exclusively for the exhibit, showcasing techniques including metal working, engraving, stone carving and basket making.

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