Prada’s “Art or Sound” Exhibition, Venice

Investigating the past and our present, “Art or Sound” exhibition is an analysis of the relationship between art and sound, the aspects of musical instruments and the role of artisrt-musician, to be presented by Fondazione Prada at its Venetian venue of Ca’ Corner della Regina.

prada 2

Jaquet-Droz – Pendule automate aux oiseaux chanteurs dans une cage accaompagnés de six mélodies – ca. 1785 – 51,5 x 30,5 cm

Organized on a historical basis, the exhibition will commence with musical instruments made from unusual and precious materials by Michele Antonio Grandi and Giovanni Battista Cesarini in the 17th century, and musical automata—complex artworks that combine the production of sounds with aesthetic values—created, for instance, by the Swiss watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz in the 18th century.

prada 5

Adolphe Sax – Trompettes naturelle – 1866 – Photo: Thierry Ollivier – Courtesy Cité de la musique, Paris

It will continue with 19th-century examples of automated musical instruments and mechanical devices capable of giving visual expression to music through light and color. Research in the field of the synesthesia will be presented, along with experiments carried out by the historical avant-gardes, such as the celebrated Intonarumori (1913) created by Futurist artist Luigi Russolo, and some of Giacomo Balla’s objects.

If you happen to be Venice – this is an exhibition not to miss, from June 7 to November 3, 2014

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