PumaxMac: When Your Sneakers Match Your Lipstick Color

For Puma‘s latest line of sneakers, the brand found inspiration in one of the most iconic makeup brands of the last few decades – M.A.C Cosmetics. The two brands teamed to create three shoes inspired by three of M.A.C’s most popular lipstick shades. This move comes in honor of the 50th anniversary of its classic Suede sneaker.

According to them, the “Crème d’Nude” sneaker is a “posh peachy blush” color with coral laces and a rose-gold #PUMAxMAC logo sticker and matching rose-gold outsole.

While the “Lady Danger” edition has a bright red-orange suede upper with matching laces and texturized outsole.

The “Sin” shoe, like its cosmetic namesake, comes in a “dari.g burgundy” shade, which contrasts with the “satin effect” of the matching sole’s luster.

To be released on May 17 in the US, the special-edition sneakers will each come in matching “premium shoe boxes”.

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