Pure Talents Contest: Young Designers Turn the World Upside Down at imm cologne

The Pure Talents Contest gets things moving: a clock that shows the time physically, a lamp that makes windows of light move across a wall or outdoor monster furniture that seems to be grazing on the lawn and whose purpose and function only become clear when you take a seat on it. Objects that seem to be alive, surfaces that shimmer like a beetle, fabrics draped in waves and carpets made of thick skeins of wool woven into a honeycomb structure – these are some of the entries that make up the 15th edition of the Pure Talents Contest at imm cologne 2018. They are joined by practical products that almost appear stoical in comparison – a table, table box and bench. Intended for working at, packing things in and sitting on – and nothing more.

The Swedish designer Victor Alge took the scientific name for moose, Alces alces, as the name for his chairs. He wanted to find a use for the masses of animal skins left behind after moose hunting in Sweden. He developed a new processing method: hard leather parchment is softened, sewn together and then filled with compressed air before leaving it to dry – creating a form as hard as plastic.

The special exhibition at imm cologne (Hall 3.1) will show smart product concepts, offbeat ideas and solid craftsmanship in a tremendous diversity encompassing everything within the world of interior design, from ultra-simple furniture and textile works to home accessories and lamps through to conceptual design.

Inseparable: the table and chair in Symbiotic Objects are mere fragments – lovingly worked from metal, wood and leather – that only become complete when a person inserts him/herself between them as part of the furniture. The Chinese designer Xiang Guan highlights the relationship between human beings and utility objects, one he believes needs to be redefined in our consumer society and throw-away culture.

Pure Talents Contest: 15 years of experimental design and successful product premieres

If there’s one thing young designers like doing, it’s turning the world upside down. And the competition for emerging talent at the international interiors show imm cologne is the ideal opportunity to see them do just that. The results presented in the form of prototypes are not only exciting and inspiring, they also look fantastic. And it’s not uncommon for them to be really useful, as demonstrated by the success stories of many former Pure Talents Contest entries.

Ruthless reduction of form: With the bench Molly that is made of screwed together curved powder-coated steel pipes, the Berlin-based designer Marcel Pasternak presented a statement of no-frills design at the Pure Talent Contest of imm cologne.

As a platform for young design, the Pure Talents exhibition format draws together imm cologne’s activities in support of the next generation of international designers. Its highlight is the Pure Talents Contest, which is entirely financed by the trade fair and looking forward to celebrating its fifteenth birthday at imm cologne 2018. Thanks to its unwavering focus on quality and great proximity to the industry, the contest has become one of the world’s most prestigious competitions for young designers.

Started in the back of a garage. A simple hook workshop lamp was the starting point for this extremely flexible lighting system by the German designers Jonas Wansing and Svenja-Katharina Jakobs.It gains its flexibility from the 60° cut and a sliding contact at the ends of the individual, extendible elements.These supply each other with electricity and form both the lamp and the frame at the same time.

Current design theme: interaction between user and furniture

Do we actually need furniture, or is it furniture that needs us? This year it was striking how many young designers addressed the relationship between man and object: our era, the users themselves and almost forgotten craftsmanship – all this takes on a shape in this year’s winning entries for the Pure Talents Contest.

Firmly strapped: Liga – teamwork by the French designer Matthieu Muller and Pierre-Alexandre Cesbron – is a series of metal storage furniture, comprising of a box, a bedside cabinet and a coffee table.The two-piece lid is fastened using a full-perimeter nylon strap that serves as a joint and can be folded open separately to grant access to the closed interior of the piece of furniture.

In the Pure Talents Contest, students and graduates who have recently completed their education, can apply with designs and prototypes that are not yet in production from the field of interior design in the categories of furniture, home accessories, lighting, flooring, wallpaper and textiles, kitchens and kitchen accessories, and smart home.

During imm cologne, three winners will be chosen from the twenty nominated entries. The decision of the jury members will be announced at an awards ceremony on “The Stage” (Hall 3.1) at 2 p.m. on the first day of the trade fair, 15 January 2018.

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