Push Over Silver Spoon, the Silly Spoon is Here

The Silly Spoon is a contemporary tableware and home accessories store in Achrafieh. Based on the knowledge that the ‘new home’ is more focused than ever on the table and what happens around it, sisters Lea Majdalani Ayoub and Jessica Majdalani go on to explain that “We’ve seen it at international design fairs, trendy restaurants abroad, and in our homes…”

Spoon Siba Sahabi Draws from the Past Mudejar_by_Siba_Sahabi_photography_by_Lisa_KLappe3 “There’s a trend dominating the tableware industry on a global level at the moment, where the table is redefined as more of a ‘living space’ rather than a place-where-you-just-eat.

We call it the ‘fashion of the table’, where more accessible, yet high-end modern design is king. And so, accessorizing the home and the table is no longer such a strict, rigid and formal affair. Today, we tend to mix and match sets and styles to always create different moods for our different gatherings. There are no limits to how creative you can be with your table settings.”

Spoon Siba Sahabi Draws from the Past Mudejar_by_Siba_Sahabi_photography_by_Lisa_KLappe5

So, utilizing their sharp design aesthetic and eye for quality crafts, Léa and Jessica hand-picked every item, from refined and updated classic tableware, to more organic-shaped and modern-designed items, The Silly Spoon seems to have something for everyone.

Spoon Siba Sahabi Draws from the Past Mudejar_by_Siba_Sahabi_photography_by_Lisa_KLappe4As you step in you’ll see a handpicked selection of pieces from some of the most hip, renowned and contemporary European, Scandinavian and American design labels, that all come together to create a universe rich in imagination and refinement.

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