Rami Kadi X DebiR Capsule RTW Collection

A couture designer by nature, Rami Kadi has always kept a passion for modern embroidery, captivated by the wilderness and extravagance of street trends. He sees in them a savage luxury and a tireless spring of change and creativity.

It all begins with an illusion, infinite spirals of blacks and whites…The story of a downward whorl from dizzying heights, leaving behind the safe and familiar for a journey through twisted games of the mind and into the color bursting buzz of #RamiKadiXDebiRexclusive collection: Fantasy Forest.

“The magic of the wilderness, its legends and fantasies, its method of transcending humans to become one with nature, this is the inspiration for everything I have done in this collection.”

Rami Kadi has captivated flings of colorful floras, cactuses, lions, and zebras in a mixture of intense colors with engrossed black and white in his latest collection. And what better place for the launch of this collection than DEBI.R?

“It is fascinating to work with DEBI.R, one of the most Avant-garde high street fashion hypes in our region,”explains Rami Kadi. “It caters to all the trendy; it is where art and commerce meet.”

The #RamiKadiXDEBIR collaboration will bring together a ready to wear capsule of T-shirts and sweatshirts, DEBI.R’s most wanted wardrobe staples, of glamorous Couture elegance, a burst of prints colors and pattern illusions, mixed with the designer’s unbeatable art of embroidery.

This collaboration will be an epoch of new ventures for both Rami Kadi and DEBI.R. With 8 styles designed, 5 catered for women and 3 for men, this limited edition collection will not only be Rami Kadi’s ready-to-wear debut, but the first menswear release by both Rami Kadi and Debi.R.

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