Roll Out Those Modern Tables by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal, The Roll collection of colorful and joyful tables, sets it apart from Kettal’s other contemporary collections.

Roll tables by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal

The overall design is characterized by an approach even more artistic and conceptual than classic rationalism. It could be considered postmodernist, given

Roll tables and Vimini chairs, both designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal

The tables are built following a graphic pattern which appears in all of the collection’s pieces, a pattern in which various materials – metals, concrete and wood – are joined together in unique and unusual ways.

The table tops are made up of different materials such as aluminium, aluminium/enamel, teak wood or marble, while the base, resting on architectonic concrete, is made of intentionally-oversized aluminium.

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