Rouba Mourtada: A Creative Mind Springs into Jewelry

Lebanese Rouba Mourtada is something of a creative whirlwind. Famed for launching design and print specialists Choux à la Crème, Mourtada is taking her first steps into jewelry design.


Choux à la Crème is a boutique design, stationary and letterpress studio based out of Beirut. Rouba Mourtada founded the company in 2010 and Choux à la Crème has gone from strength to strength ever since. Born out of the need for luxury paper-based goods with a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor, the company’s products are timeless odes to love, romanticism and finesse that often seem at odds with the digital age.


The majority of Mourtada’s products are created using old presses and incorporate foil stamping which is done by hand. Artisanal in feel, Choux à la Crème’s pieces hark back to days when production made use of local products and regional skill sets. Committed to the environment, many of Choux à la Crème’s products are made from recycled or eco-friendly materials and are created locally in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


Speaking of her move into jewelry, Mourtada said, “After I left New York, before I settled in Beirut and started Choux a la Creme, I took a few jewelry courses at St. Martins in London. It’s something I always wanted to do on the side … I had a whole brand name picked out and everything! But, once I launched Choux a la Creme and saw the potential and the lovely reception it got, I decided to put the jewelry on hold for a while and focus on growing Choux a la Creme and all things paper.”

Thankfully, jewels are no longer on the backburner, and the talented designer is launching her new collection of capsule bracelets, all of which are delicately handcrafted in Sterling Silver then dipped in 18K gold, with precious diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Enjoy Mourtada’s artisanal take on jewelry design on!


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