Roula Soubra Habbab: From Antiques to Floral Dreams

Roula Soubra Habbab, creator of R by Roula fragrance, takes FashionRepublik on an olfactory journey around the garden of flowers. Refreshing, to say the least! Let’s meet the woman who hopes, that with her perfume, women will get to dream more…

Tell us about yourself and how you started with the idea of creating your new perfume.

I was born in Beirut to the Lebanese family Soubra. I completed my school years at Collège Protestant and later went to Université Saint Joseph to complete my bachelor’s degree.

I had an antiquity shop for 9 years in Istanbul after my children grew up. I found myself feeling empty as the years went by. When I got married, my mother gave me a set of perfume bottles and a mirror given to my grandmother by Naile Sultan. I would see that collection in front of me every day, on my table in my bedroom.

One day, a friend told me, “why don’t you do your own perfume and put it in that beautiful antique bottle, it suits you.” Since I love flowers, the idea worked in my mind, and I decided to go to Grasse in France. I love Grasse, and I think it’s the best place for perfumes. I was fortunate enough to have a residence in the South of France, which made it all easier for me, since I could go there as often as I liked. I went to the perfume factories there and started studying, eventually creating my own perfume by experimenting and adding different elements like patchouli vetyver and others. I studied there for 11 months.

Take us through the olfactory journey of your perfume?

My perfume is based on several flowers, including real jasmine. I love flowers, I often put up several bouquets at home and I actually cultivate flowers in my garden. I love the smell of flowers; I try to visit as many flowers markets as I can when I travel to different countries.

The name?

I chose the name R by Roula for the perfume because Roula is the name of an Arab tribe and it reminds me of my mother who discovered the name Roula. I love my country and I found the choice of name to be nostalgic. I also created this perfume hoping that it would make women dream.

Where is it made? Tell us about the packaging…

The packaging, the bottle, and the nude color are all from Paris. My friend and I worked together on the design. The bottle is an eau de parfum 100ml. I am thinking of doing smaller bottles, as well as a perfume for the house to spray in the air.

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