S.Pellegrino Celebrates Water with Cappellini’s ‘Design Special Edition’

S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water with over a century-long heritage of Italian good taste and lifestyle, is set to unveil a new awaited Design Special Edition together with Italian Architect Giulio Cappellini, dedicated to the world of restaurants.

Following a prestigious line of limited editions recognizing Italian talent and style, S.Pellegrino is going back to its origins to celebrate the incredible thirty-year journey that its water undertakes.

with Missoni

Indeed, this upcoming Design Special Edition represents the S.Pellegrino first ever design project and embraces this new world through very contemporary visual languages.

The ambitious project is coordinated by Italian Architect Giulio Cappellini, talent scout for the world’s next top designers and Art Director of Cappellini, who personally handpicked the artists coming from three different continents, each of whom has conceived a different label. All of them together tell the story of S.Pellegrino water through their own vision and personal interpretation of the iconic brand.

with Bulgari

The special bottles will be unveiled during Milan Design Week, alongside three individual installations, displayed during Superdesign Show taking place at Superstudio Più from the 17th April 2018. To seal the partnership between S.Pellegrino and Cappellini, a smaller installation will be held also at the Milan Cappellini Point – show room and space to meet, discuss and promote design.

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