S.Pellegrino x Cappellini Launch at Milan Design Week

The world’s leading sparkling mineral water with over a century-long heritage of Italian good taste and lifestyle, unveils its awaited Design Special Edition at Milan Design Week. In partnership with architect Giulio Cappellini, talent scout for the world’s next top designers and Art Director of Cappellini, S.Pellegrino is bringing unique pieces of design to the tables of the finest restaurants in the world to celebrate “The Journey of Water”.

Opening at this year’s Milan Design Week edition, S.Pellegrino and Giulio Cappellini reveal their special collaboration and disclose the names of the three international designers chosen for the “first time ever” design project: Neri&Hu from China, Steven Haulenbeek from the United states of America and Philippe Nigro from France, each of whom has conceived a different label.

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