Sage Green is the New Neutral in 2018

Pinterest says sage green is hailed as the new neutral in 2018.

SP01, Chee Chairs Green by Tom Fereday

A colour of serenity and mindfulness, this muted shade is an easy one to live with as it blends smoothly with any decor style; its greyish, green tone pairs perfectly with natural materials and offers a cool contrast against warm metals. Here we see a few items in this calm serine colour…

1. Trophy Lamp, Sé. 2. Ankara Table, Matière Grise. 3. Llano Boxes, Pulpo. 4. Bell Moth Cushion, Timorous Beasties. 5. Max Sofa, SP01. 6. Tree Lamp, Nude. 7.Chester Moon Sofa by Baxter. 8. Bala Hi Glossy, Sé. 9. Whisper Box Grande, Sé. 10. Sage Green Bedtime Bundle, Piglet.

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