Second Skin: Discover the Multiple Layers of a Woman

The Second Skin collection by Cynthia Raffoul,  Lebanese-French story-telling fine jewelry designer, is a reminder that there are multiple layers to a woman, of which jewelry is one of the most visible. A combination of gold and diamonds blend with nude, and they become one.

Raffoul’s Second Skin ring collection speaks to the contemporary woman on a personal level, as there is a powerful synergy formed between the intricate designs and the skin enveloped around the female body. She draws on timeless pieces to create a flavorful edge.

“As a fine jewelry designer I believe that a modern woman deserves a more modern ring,” said Raffoul.

The rings are produced in 18-carat yellow, pink and white gold, as nude, or with white diamonds around the rim. Bespoke Second Skin can be specially designed and personalized with diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald solitaires with an invisible setting.

Handcrafted with an elegant and chic take on the traditional engagement and wedding ring, Raffoul’s designed Second Skin collection speaks to today’s women of the future. The designs are handmade in Lebanon by craftsmen who are handpicked by the designer owing to their high level artisanal skills.

“With Second Skin, a new encircling layer of gold produces a personal story, one that only she, the wearer, can unveil, should she choose to,” said Raffoul.

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