See Love Through These Sunglasses

Each year on the 14th of February loved ones around the globe display their everlasting adoration for one another. Some signify this through a single red rose, while others go to great lengths to make this day even more special. Chopard’s Valentine themed model epitomizes love and beauty and is out to set hearts aflutter.

Chopard Valentine - AED 3650 (2)

Exuding complete Chopard splendor, this 23 KT gold-plated model displays glamorous jewelry embellishments. Chopard Valentine - AED 3650

The timeless shape and intricate adornments further evoke a romantic aura that will appeal to any fashionista. It pays homage to love with a play of transparencies on the front, romantic heart pattern logo mania lenses and bright red temples along the side of the frame. Truly a treat to both give and receive on the big day of Love.

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