Seletti Celebrates 50 Years Since the First Human Lands on the Moon

Seletti celebrates 50 years since the first human landed on the Moon with Starman Gold  as part of the Diesel Living with Seletti project. Ever faithful to its crazy and over-the-top way of interpreting reality, the Italian company considered among the most disruptive in the world of design, celebrates this “giant leap for mankind” with a precious looking object made with Diesel, the most innovative fashion brand.

Starman was born to complement the Cosmic Dinerset, a collection for the table inspired by space and the planets made up of plates, glasses, cups and cutlery. Starman Gold is the evolution of Starman, the perfect fine dolomite porcelain reproduction of an astronaut.

In addition to being a particularly fun object and suitable for all domestic styles, Starman Gold is a vase: the astronaut’s backpack, in fact, is equipped with a hole to be filled water which accommodates flowers.

The astronaut is the symbol of curiosity and of a pioneering spirit. This is the reason why the astronaut was transformed into a home-décor object.  “When man landed on the moon in 1969, I was not yet born and I always wondered how it must have been for men and women in those years to witness such an event”, explains Stefano Seletti, the brand’s art director. “Celebrating this great undertaking is almost a duty for us, having a collection like the Cosmic Diner. Starman Gold is a tribute to the astronauts, a tribute to the genius of man and an invitation to always look beyond to reach the infinite”.

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