Seletti Plays with Light and Love this Valentines

To celebrate love, Seletti brings a dreamy and entertaining universe with a special selection of objects to all lovers, playing with love in order to celebrate it in all its possible forms.

Mouse Lamp San Valentino

The Mouse Lamp San Valentino, a cute little mouse that becomes the idea messenger for declaring your feelings, and the romantic LED Heart Lamp, a heart of light with an immediate and powerful image.

Mouse Lamp San Valentino is the result of a collaboration with the designer Marcantonio. It transforms the best-selling Mouse Lamp into a sweet and romantic object that seems to come out of a fairy tale. The cute resin mouse is tinged with a new powder coloir and, standing upright on its legs, it is just waiting to donate its heart: a specially shaped red light bulb, a symbol of the most sincere affection.

Heart Lamp is an exclusive light that combines aesthetics with functionality, a luminous heart that is the fruit of the creativity of Studio Job. The graphic symbol par excellence of lovers becomes an ideal object for transforming domestic spaces with an unprecedented pop spirit, turning them into suggestive nests of affection.

Heart Lamp

In addition, Love in Bloom, the iconic and hyper-realistic porcelain heart-shaped vase designed by Marcantonio, is again confirmed for this year as a hymn to love. Conceived to contain flowers, another symbol of passion, it is an invitation to pay attention to one’s feelings, to make them grow, cultivating them just as one would the bud of a flower.

Love in Bloom

Happy Valentines…

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