The Shape of a City: Beirut as Inspiration

Beirut’s Letitia Gallery will show a new solo exhibition by the British artist Nathaniel Rackowe, which takes the city of Beirut as a point of departure in order to investigate the ever-changing nature of cites, and their continual destruction and renewal.

The Shape of a City uses industrial materials such as corrugated roofing, galvanized steel and cement blocks, and combines them with artificial light; used to soften the hard edges of the mass produced materials, allowing Rackowe to explore the ways in which urban dwellers must continually adapt their behavior in order to successfully negotiate the built landscape.

Occupying the central gallery are six new floor-based sculptural works and these sit alongside a new series of framed, mixed-media works on paper, Petrol Station Series, the scale of which will range from small works to one large scale piece.

The Shape of a City extends beyond the walls of Letitia Gallery with the installation of two large-scale public works – Black Shed Expanded and LP46 – which are situated in various publicly-accessible spaces in downtown Beirut.

The exhibition will run from 27 June to 25 August.

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