Simone Crestani Gives Glass a Poetic Meaning

Simone Crestani is a young Italian talent able to lend a contemporary reinterpretation to one of the oldest artistic and artisan trades in Europe: a modern Homo Faber with an extraordinary ability to transform the material and develop the craft by approaching the worlds of art and design, as well as convert nature into a crystalline world of poetic wonders.

His lampwork in borosilicate glass uses an innovative technique, which Simone himself describes as hollow sculpting, that allows him to create large works which nevertheless incorporate the smallest details.

Simone’s universe ­– maestro of blown lamp working, artist and designer – appears like a mysterious and compelling modern-day Wunderkammer featuring refined bonsai pieces and stupefying trees, majestic deer and crystalline fish, headless hens and sprawling octopi: a world inspired by nature, in which wonder rules and we are captivated by the artist’s creative poetics and expressive talent.

Invited by Ingo Maurer, on the occasion of Munich Creative Business Week one of the most important design events in Germany the artist will be putting on a solo exhibition of his creations at the maestro’s showroom in Munich: Simone Crestani’s artworks and design objects will be on display at Kaiserstrasse 47 from Saturday 3 March until Tuesday 24 April 2018.

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