Photographer Patrice Berhery Captures the Imagination

Patrice Berchery’s work is hauntingly beautiful, simple and intriguing. Titled Amish, and named after that fascinating group of technology-eschewing people, the imagery harks back to a simpler time while engaging our senses and creating images that are clean and pure.

In collaboration with fashion design Mimmo Carabetta, Patrice Berchery set about to create imagery inspired by the Amish. The group avoid technology, working as if they were stranded in a previous century, harvesting food and making their own products and clothes with aged machines, the group are like a snapshot in time.

“It is so minimalist and refined, with codes dating back a century and still present in certain regions of the world. I chose as place of production, the Camargue in the south of France because the landscapes are pure and sober at the edge of the sea. There is also a chapel in the center of a village with an accessible roof where I was allowed to photograph,” says Berchery.

The series of images tells the tale of two women caring for a man and reinvigorating both themselves and him with a new zest for life and all it holds. “The idea that seduction is a driving force in joy and laughter, the sensuality revealed by certain images are just an intimate and hidden part of these women devoted to family and worship,” said Berchery.

In 2015 Berchery published Women Element’s a book that tells the story of the human body and five elements – earth, water, fire, air and forest. He is planning to release another book that “this time will be darker in the photograph approach”. We eagerly await what this talented creative produces next.

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