Skateroom Exclusive Collaboration with Creatives for a Good Cause

The Skateroom, a social entrepreneurship whose main purpose is to help empower youth using art and skateboarding, has teamed up with three leading illustrators for their latest limited edition decks. For the exclusive editions, creatives Jeremyville, Jean Jullien and Steven Harrington have produced new work that employs their often sharp and clever social commentary. Let’s meet the artists and learn more about the exclusive collaboration with Skateroom.


Jeremyville: Eternity, edition of 100, hand signed certificate by the artist

Sydney born, New York based artist and designer Jeremyville’s comic paintings, murals and products are instantly recognizable – his youthful characters convey messages of environmental action and social change which resonate with his young following. For his design, Yesterday, Today, Forever and Eternity, Jeremyville uses his signature

Jeremyville: Yesterday, Today, Forever and Eternity, edition of 25, hand signed certificate by the artist, edition of 75, certificate by The Skateroom

On his editions, Jeremyville says, “The titles of the 4 boards, Yesterday, Today, Forever and Eternity, represent the 4 stages of our lives: struggle, resolution, growth and epiphany, and the overarching concept concerns itself with the answers that can come from positive action, discipline, vision, and endurance. So too with The Skateroom, they take a problem in our world and resolve it creatively, with lateral thinking and vision. They are on a very similar journey to the intention of my daily art practise, and I was instantly and passionately attracted to the aims of The Skateroom and this project, from the very start.”

Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington’s colorful and playful illustrations are heavily influenced by his surroundings – embodying the contemporary aesthetic of southern California, where the mixed-media designer is based. His new editions Anxiety and Rosé incorporate his usual humorous style – with psychedelic-pop palm trees and characters in block colors.

Steven Harrington: Rosé, edition of 25, hand signed certificate by the artist, edition of 75, certificate by The Stateroom

Steven Harrington says: “It brings me great joy to be collaborating with The Skateroom on a set of collaborative decks! I’ve always regarded art and skateboarding as great creative outlets that can further enrich our youth, and should be fully accessible to the greater public. Thank you to the whole team at The Skateroom and its partner charities for continually making this dream possible all across the world.”

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien: The Bowl, edition of 25, hand signed certificate by the artist, edition of 75, certificate by The Stateroom

Jean Jullien’s narrations of modern life have continued to capture the imagination, appearing as magazine illustrations, animations, murals and clothing. The London- based designer’s work is constantly communicating with humour and social commentary, which culminates in personal yet meaningful calls to action. Jean Jullien portrays the conviviality of skateparks in his designs entitled The Triangle and The Bowl – using his trademark playfully drawn characters in brightly hued simplicity.

Jean Jullien: The Triangle, edition of 100, hand signed certificate by the artist

The artist commented: “It’s great to collaborate with The Skateroom — it’s a very good cause and I’ve always loved skateboards. It’s very important that this kind of project exists as a way to bring people closer via culture. It’s also great that a part of the turnover will be given to the NGO. I really hope to take part in more projects like this one. Long life to The Skateroom!.”

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