Soap Collection: When Light Comes to Life

Soap is traditionally known as a substance used with water for washing and cleaning but for Melogranoblu soap is so much more.

Transparency in transparency, Melogranoblu shows how the Soap collection plays with the revelatory power of light. The glass sculpture inside is revealed only when the light source, as if by magic, makes the external mirrored element transparent, creating a sublime and fascinating game of appearances. The energy released from the inside is a marriage of techniques and genius.

The products are made of metabolized hand-blown glass spheres with an inner frosted bubble sculpture. The dome is also available as a table lamp and is a transparent hand-blow glass dome, with an inner transparent bubble sculpture.

Melogranoblu, founded in 1997, create veritable spectacles of light, focusing on the sensory and emotional effect of light through glass. The Italian interior lighting company based in Bergamo, design projects in which all forms of glass are conceived and designed according to the effects they can generate through light.

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