Solo Bench Expresses a Sculptural Force

The Solo Bench is a new variation of the Pablo Reinoso’s signature “Spaghetti Benches”. You have probably seen one Reinoso’s benches in the heart of Souk Beirut (check image below). This new variation offers a unique base that gives way to the expression of the elevated volutes. Thus, when the visitor sits there, the bench disappears and reveals all the sculptural force of the work.

Pablo Reinoso started the “Spaghetti Benches” series in 2006, taking the anonymous design of the public wooden-slatted park bench as his point of inspiration for this series. He takes the object and opens up the field of possibilities in giving life to the bench, going beyond its original form and freely unfolds in space.

The elevation is an essential step in Pablo Reinoso’s work. Gérard Wacjman describes Pablo Reinoso’s climbing, tentacle-like, moving pieces as “tree-like objects” in the artists’ 2017 monograph published with 5 Continents Editions.

Pablo Reinoso calls into question the concepts that take over the object’s original function and “exceeds its own nature”, making the public bench a place for meeting, conversing and everyday life.

One of Reinoso’s Spaghetti sculptures in Souk Beirut

The first “Spaghetti” sculptures were made in wood but, concerned about the sculpture’s durability outdoors, and with a desire to work on a larger scale, Pablo Reinoso turned towards using metal as an artistic medium.

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