Spanish to the Core: Kettal’s Hometown Showroom

Famed for their outdoor furniture, Barcelona-based Kettal showroom recently had a makeover. The redesign of their hometown showroom was done by none other than  Patricia Urquiola.

In this remarkable design by Patricia Urquiola a huge glass façade welcomes you into a space where Mediterranean outdoor living is celebrated. Sunlight streams into the interior, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, which perfectly highlights the brands natural, fresh appeal.

Across the two-level space, traditional Spanish design elements, such as the original brick vaults of the ceiling (known as a Catalan arch), have been emphasized throughout the project along with local ceramics in bright, natural hues and a plant-filled atrium. All this results in a fresh, authentic take on a modern showroom.

The ceramic tiles fill an entire wall in a rectangular grid, forming a pattern that is repeated throughout the interior in different scales and materials. The design adds a sense of color, texture and the element of playfulness, creating a space to match Kettal’s identity.

A staircase with open risers and glass panel balustrades that wrap the mezzanine level provide uninterrupted sight lines across and between the floors, while a wall of double-height display shelving showcases the brand’s wide array of seating designs.

The double height ceilings and the showroom’s two levels are united thanks to the repeating pattern and various architectural elements. Throughout the showroom, different zones are delineated by boxes, which serve various functions including, display, exhibition surface and patio enveloping.

To help underline these different zones, Urquiola made use of timber frame screens with planters and walls clad in timber or painted in tones of grey and pink.

Subtle, classic and clearly Spanish in inspiration, this is a showroom with true heart and soul.

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