Start a Party with Coral Piano

Inspired by her travels to India and love of sci-fi movies, designer Dio Davies introduces the Coral Piano, a world-class Edelweiss piano enclosed inside a transparent perspex shell, which can be illuminated by neon LED lights.

This piano also has a self-play system that allows tracks to be played wirelessly from a concealed iPod and hidden speakers.

“It’s a piece of furniture that starts the party!” says Dio.

“I wanted to create the ultimate interactive experience, a sculpture that at the flick of a switch turns into a radiant and dramatic center piece, drawing you in both by sight and sound,” she adds.

“I took my love of films such as Tron and Blade Runner and their technological aesthetic – and the colors from my travels: tropical sunsets, flamingos and coral shells – and used crisp, dazzling acrylic to transform this hand-crafted artisan instrument into a vibrant work of art.”

She continues, “I wanted to respect the heritage of the piano and its traditional mechanisms, the wooden hammers and leavers, and the classic black and white keys. However, I wanted to take it into the future and the transparency presented an exciting challenge,” adds Dio.

“The piano needed to be beautiful, whilst also hiding the digital wizardry that allows the Edelweiss self-play system to operate behind the scenes.”
Dio decided to collaborate with piano company Edelweiss, which has been handcrafting self-playing, custom pianos from its Cambridge studio for more than 40 years.

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