Street Inspiration: Purr Don’t Roar

When it comes to leopard print, some of us make the mistake of overdoing it – wearing from tip to toe leopard. It’s a big NO! This look roars out the trend… Instead what we need is to purr with a touch of leopard. Best way to get inspired is to see how people on the streets around the world are wearing the trend.

High heels or loafers, stay simple and add a dash of print on your feet.

leopard3 Over a blazer or a stylish slouchy sweater, a simple leopard print scarf adds a touch of style

leopard4 A coat or blazer style jacket can add a chic touch with a pair of converse or ankle boots leopard5If you’re more daring, you can go for pants or shorts with the popular print, but definitely keep it simply on top; and for those who are more subtle, a small clutch boasting the leopard would be a perfect choice.


How would you wear this trend?

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