Studio Job’s Guilty Pleasure: Lazy Painter

During Milan Design Week, Seletti’s flagship store in Corso Garibaldi was staged to present the new Lazy Painter armchair, the epitome of the American “guilty pleasure”.

Studio Job succeeds in the challenge of enriching this concept and transforming the armchair into a status symbol, a must-have for all design lovers: in fact, it perfectly combines comfort with aesthetic, so that everyone can be proud of owning one. The newly designed printed fabric, details gestural brushstrokes create a hand painted feel, giving this low fashion chair a high fashion look. ‘The Lazy Painter’ pattern is a contemporary avant-garde approach to upholstery with hints of Memphis and the hand-made. This cozy chair is not just for the lazy, it’s for everyone. BLOW by Job & Seletti is an actual design brand and a project highlighting the idea of democracy which has always characterized Seletti’s own production: the innovative approach of Studio Job finds the perfect match with this Italian design brand, which is always committed to mixing innovation and accessibility.

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