Sublimed Elsewhere’s: Lebanese Cultural Diversity in Singapore

The exhibition « Sublimed Elsewhere’s » brings together photographers and videographers from Lebanon focusing on cultural diversity and the desire of some societies to preserve their heritage. The exhibition is held from January 15 to 19, 2014 at Sana Gallery, Blair Road, Singapore.

Picture 2 - Roger Moukarzel, Effect Serie, Nordic #1, 2013, Ed1 of 7, Diasec, 60 x 90 cm

Roger Moukarzel, Effect Serie, Nordic #1, 2013, Ed1 of 7, Diasec, 60 x 90 cm

Roger Moukarzel, Wafa’a Celine Halawi, Jack Dabaghian, and Halida Boughriet: four artists, four different worlds and, yet, a common set of problems concerning our world’s evolution.

«Sublimed Elsewhere’s» is a sublimed vision of an « elsewhere » which exists across current societies living between contemporaneity and tradition which struggles against globalization? It questions our future as it also looks at a world in constant turmoil.

The Lebanese photographer Roger Moukarzel recently participated in a project with the international TV channel CNN. From this collaboration a photo series, called « A Small World », was created. During his trips to Africa, United States, and Sweden, Moukarzel focused on describing a world and lifestyles endangered by the effects of global warming.

Jack Dabaghian, Karrayyu Pastor, #Ethiopia 2013, ©Jack Dabaghian

In her video « Can You and I Really Dance Together? », the Lebanese Wafa’a Celine Halawi introduces two dancers, one Lebanese and one Japanese, and the impossible choreography between two women who have never met and who, in a virtual setting, find each other through a common body language.

Jack Dabaghian’s trips were in different directions. Sensitive to human nature, to authencity, and simple emotions, the Lebanese photographer choses Ethiopia to plunge into the heart of the tribes. Thanks to a long integration process, tribal traditions and reality are revealed, without the use of any tricks and through the use of frontal portraits. « I wanted to live their traditions, take part in their rituals, and create a photographic aesthetic which would last through time. »

With her videos « Transit » and « Murmurs », the Franco-Algerian Halida Boughriet brings us to question today’s world. The speech is sometimes political and social, but also poetic at times, and illustrates the difficulties of « living together ». Her work is an experimentation of poetic gestures and interdisciplinary reflections where the body becomes the territory for the expression of creation and liberation.

« Sublimed Elsewhere’s » is curated by Marine Bougaran, Project Manager at Beirut Art Fair and Singapore Art Fair.

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