Summer Love: Who Said Diamonds Have to be White?

Stars are increasingly opting for vivid rocks, with engagement rings flashing diamonds that range from delicate pink, Blake Lively’s choice, to gorgeous canary yellow as seen on Kelly Clarkson and not to forget Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring given to Kate Middleton when Prince William proposed.  Colored sparklers have become the most sought after jewels.

A favorite at FashionRepublik is Mouawad’s yellow diamond engagement collection which we believe captures this very modern trend, sparkling with warmth, shimmer and elegance. The range of earrings, rings and pendants put the unique yellow diamond at the center of an artistically wrought 18k white and yellow gold setting.

Pascal Mouawad, CEO, Retail Division: “Our fabulous yellow diamonds collection has been designed to add a contemporary touch to everlasting love. For modern couples looking to declare their love this summer, this range is all about a fresh, new approach to tradition, with the innovation and warmth of unique yellow diamonds for added inspiration.”

For more than a century Mouawad has been creating jewelry of unsurpassed beauty. Mouawad pieces are worn by royalty, celebrities and collectors, and are coveted by all for their masterful design, superb quality and breathtaking refinement. Today Mouawad is a globally reputed brand that continues to set the trends and capture the hearts of generations, with styles, hues and designs that become an intrinsic and treasured part of life’s most precious and memorable moments.

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