Summerland Collection: Nada Debs Takes Us Back to Old Beirut

Nada Debs recently released the Summerland Collection, a new series of furniture that takes us back to the old day of Beirut.

Summerland- Nada Debs-Couch

The Summerland sofa is crafted from solid ash wood with a textured straw weave back. A plush upholstered seat provides a high degree of seating comfort.

Inspired by vintage lounging, the Summerland collection by Nada Debs is reminiscent of the heyday of Beirut.

Summerland- Nada Debs-Paravan

A versatile partition defined by its striking angles and play on texture. The Summerland paravan filters light while maintaining privacy and a separation of spaces.

Mid-century design in Ash wood is crafted into furniture and accessories featuring woven straw.

Summerland-Nada Debs-Console

A console crafted from solid ash wood. Textured straw weave inlayed in clear resin serve as sliding panels for this vintage-style piece.

Pieces sit comfortably outdoors as they do indoors due to the sturdy nature of straw, which has been continuously used since ancient times with very little change in technique.

Nada Debs is no stranger to innovative design. Born in Lebanon, raised in Japan, educated and trained in the United States, and with work experience in the United Kingdom — interior designer Nada Debs is quite a global citizen. Her creations are as unique and eclectic as the designer herself. Her mission is to celebrate Eastern craftsmanship in contemporary design.

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