Susan Beallor-Snyder Tells You Stories in Ropes at ICFF NYC

For the first time, contemporary sculptor Susan Beallor-Snyder is exhibiting at the 30th annual ICFF NYC, North America’s platform for global design at New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center, until May 23, 2018.

Beallor-Snyder is displaying her work among the design world’s most avant-garde and original innovators.

As renown goldsmith, Beallor-Snyder, now focuses her talents on creating large sculptural works made entirely of varying weights of natural manila rope.

The much sought-after artist uses a ‘free weaving’ technique to create sculptures that reflect the path of countless women as they struggle to hold on to their identity while balancing work, motherhood and marriage. She sees the power of the work in its scale, and in the narrative embedded within – its swirls of chaos, layers of inner turmoil, and endless knots of stress.

Residential interior hosting Susan Beallor-Snyder work

These one-of-a-kind sculptures allow her to infuse simple materials with thought provoking depth and profound emotion. In addition to working as an artist, Beallor-Snyder has a background in film and television production and a passion for natural foods and holistic living. She and her husband, Stuart, have two daughters and split their time between New York and Maine.

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