Sweet and Blue: Maison S by Wael Farran Studio

Wael Farran Studio recently its latest project Maison S, a French pastry shop for distinguished palates. Located in Beirut’s Achrafieh, Maison S greets its clients with a soothing blue façade, that blends modern with classical in its lighting and form.

The bright interior boasts a unique painted steel structure that extends from the ceiling and integrates with the walls leading to floating walnut veneer shelves on various levels that will serve for display.

The display fridge, the focal point of the shop, continues on with the theme and is covered with the same steel and walnut veneer that blends perfectly with the space while standing out through its unique multi level shape and floating elements.

The display units fitted in the window invite passersby in, showcasing the house’s mouthwatering specialties. At the entrance, a bar offers the clients the possibility to eat in-house all the while taking in the space.

Somewhere delicious, Maison S is a wonderful prospect.

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