Sweet Inspired, Macaron Adds a Floor Lamp to its Collection

A new floor lamps joins the family of Macaron lamps. Silivia Ceñal, who since 2016 has been producing the popular lamps with Lithuania company Emko, expands the series in 2018. This year, during Imm Cologne fair, the new Macaron floor lamp is launched.

Silivia Ceñal was inspired by a sweet meringue-based confection made with simple ingredients like eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar and almond powder. However, making the perfect sweet is not an easy task. Macaron lamp follows the same idea; combining simple materials with the right proportions, in order to get a lamp with personality.

Wood conveys us warmth and strength. Along with the cord which links between the two pieces of wood, giving a touch of originality with its texture and color. It happens quite the same when it comes the Macaron with different flavors combining perfectly in it.

This new addition carries same the same personality of the ceiling lamp, using a combination of simple materials with the right proportions. They designed round tubular structure with a kind and discreet profile that completes the lighting.

In turn, this lamp function is to create a comfortable atmosphere. And thanks to its lower opening, direct light is emitted downwards.

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