The Art of Glass Making: A Mind Blowing Experience

The art of glass making is really something to see and experience. It is mesmerizing to say the least. If you’re with us on this, mark your calendars for September 14 to get a close encounter with master glass artists inside Orovetro Murano, in one of the island’s oldest factory on Fondamenta dei Vetrai.

Murano glass brand Orovetro together with contemporary glass artists Mauro Bonaventura and Simone Crestani will unveil the soul of glass, molded in its meeting with the transformational power of fire.

Molecular Study by Simone Crestani

The event is taking place during Venice Glass Week, the international festival dedicated to glass art, between the 9th to the 16th of September in Murano Island in Venice.

Leggings in the making

Leggings by Mauro Bonaventura

It’s a fascinating journey of discovery of the creative act and its mysteries, an exciting experience inside a location symbolic of the island’s ancient glass-blowing traditions, through evocative impressions of extraordinary visual and sensory power.

Psychosomatic by Mauro Bonaventura

The highlight of the evening will be the engaging live performance by contemporary glass artist Mauro Bonaventura and Simone Crestani  who both use the blown lamp working technique.

Alongside maestros Franco and Fabio Ongaro from Vetreria TRE glassworks, Mauro and Simone will create an artwork “live” from fire and the skill and knowledge of their own hands, a creation born of their talents and shared mastery in this unique set of circumstances.

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