The Future of Fashion Forecasting Revealed at NYFW

Fashion designer, Nicole Miller has partnered with RevelGlam to pilot the fashion-tech company’s fashion forecasting software. Photos from the brand’s New York Fashion Week events will be used to predict the next wave of ‘it’ fashions.

RevelGlam’s solution generates insights from celebrity sightings, runway shows, influencer activities, and consumer behavior through image recognition technology and cognitive computing. The service helps brands and retailers to predict style trends and gauge product demand early.

“RevelGlam gives us a clear, measurable look into the future,” said Bud Konheim, CEO Nicole Miller. “The world is increasingly dependent upon data-optimized decision making, and the fashion industry must keep pace.”

Leveraging its exclusive network of celebrity, fashion, and event photographers, RevelGlam will collect images during New York Fashion Week, identify the celebrities, influencers, and models in the photos, analyze the clothing being worn, and cross-reference this data with relevant web traffic from consumers around the world.

“Our platform creates a new layer of value from celebrity and event photography,” said Steve Eichner, Co-Founder of RevelGlam and veteran fashion & celebrity photographer. “With a smart analysis of today’s trendsetters, you can build the business of tomorrow.”

“Machine learning will revolutionize fashion and retail,” added RevelGlam’s Technical Co- Founder Daniela Kirsch, “With it, our technology becomes a smart assistant to creatives, merchandisers, and decision makers from top to bottom.”

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