The Gant du Parfumeur from Guerlain

Reviving their 1872 concept of scented gloves, the French perfumer Guerlain has chosen the French glove makers Agnelle to introduce two new scented gloves. This elegant and playful collaboration, is embodied in two exceptional and voluptuous creations, the gant du Parfumeur and the gant La Petite Robe Noire.


“The Gant du Parfumeur is a jewel glove decorated with small nails holding the iconic design of the mark, and that appears soft and delicate notes of apricot, spice and woods chords. As for the glove La Petite Robe Noire, it appears notched at the wrist and accented with a white bow, besides releasing aromas of black, cherry pink and patchouli,” explained representatives at Guerlain.


It is advised the keep the gloves in their original box , away from light and moisture, so they still retain their enchanting fragrance longer ….


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