The New Beiruti PopUp Bar, Twenty Seven, Will Make the Rockstar in You Happy

Sky Management is the name behind a long list of huge projects including the O1ne and iconic Sky Bar and more recently Twenty Seven.

6 1Meet the recent project by Sky Management, Twenty Seven, where Sky Management and Cotton Candy come together to create a very first winter popup.

Beirut city now has a new slap-in-the-face place that will make the rockstar in you very happy. Twenty Seven is a concept bar that is here for now, but soon will be gone at the prime of its youth when it closes down sometime in Spring 2015. Just like Cobain, Hendrix and Winehouse and the many notorious entertainers that remained forever young at the age of twenty-seven.

So head down to Beirut Souks in Downtown Beirut and enjoy the winter wonderland club, Twenty Seven.

It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

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