Tod’s No_Code Shelter: Stories of Contemporary Life

Tod’s just launched ‘No_Code Shelter: Stories of Contemporary Life’, an exhibition conceived by Studio Andrea Caputo at this year’s Salone del Mobile at Spazio Cavallerizze – Via Olona, 6 bis.

The show attempts to address how lives change as society evolves. The show featured five shelters, a ‘Yurt’, ‘Persian Camp, ‘Museum’, ‘Pitched Hut’ and ‘Casamance’, which guests could wander into at will.

Inside each, a video interview was housed, filmed with a host of creatives, who operate from varying aesthetic standpoints.

Each shelter in the exhibition was a symbol of human evolution and endeavor, and a response to environmental and societal change. Viewed together they offered an image of architectural advancement.

Along side the exhibition, the brand introduces their new No_Code Shelter, a new product which unites the classic shoe and the sport sneaker, culminating in a flexible and versatile hybrid combining the finest characteristics of each product, including quality and Italian craftsmanship, whilst simultaneously carrying innovation forward.

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