Trend in the City: Pay Tribute to Legends, Enjoy a Glass of Wine and…

A new week and Beirut is buzzing with amazing things to see, do and enjoy.. Here are some of FR’s favorite… Share yours with us…

La Cave de Joël Robuchon: Wine by the Glass from a Dispenser


Stroll around Beirut Souks and stop by La Cave de Joël Robuchon, a French franchised wine cellar that shares Joël Robuchon’s values for a La Cave’s unique in-store and out of store “by the glass” experience through its innovative wine dispenser; 8 bottles, 4 reds/4 whites are continually displayed, with a 3 week-rotation. Perfect for some friends’ gathering after work. Besides its diverse selection of wines, La Cave offers tasting and food pairing advice serviced by experienced sommeliers for retail activities.

A Tribute to Legends at INDIE

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A Tribute to Legends, Thursday 29th of January, will showcase and feature icons, singers and actors who played great roles back in The Golden Years of Lebanese and Egyptian Cinemas. While enjoying some signature cocktails at Indie, “ you will enjoy the first art exhibition held at INDIE, will be a retreat of culture that calls to connoisseurs and the art community alike to celebrate the growing worldwide interest in all Middle Eastern art form. The event will last until all posters are sold.

Head to Ras Beirut and the ‘Rose House’

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For one more week, until January 30, head down to Ras Beirut’s ‘Rose House’ and enjoy an exhibition hosted by British Tom Young, featuring his paintings, along with sculptural pieces by Noor Haydar, a short film by Charles Kassatly, lighting design by Tarek Mourad, poetry by Soulafa Soubra and many historical discoveries about the iconic house, including a room of family portraits by a former resident of the house Sami El Khazen.  This Ottoman villa is a must see, overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Pause Couture: Express Yourself  Through Sewing


Have you heard of Pause Couture by Sabrina Cesariby ? It’s the perfect place to learn how to sew and make your own clothes in Clemenceau. A unique and personalized way to learn how to express fashion, style and design. Clothes, accessories and more… Let your imagination run wild and create. Sewing classes, fashion design and pattern classes are available at Pause Couture.  Clemenceau, Beirut.

In the mood for a movie…


Check out Jennifer Lopez’s new movie – The Boy Next Door – She plays the role of a woman, who shortly after her divorce, falls for a younger man who just moved in across the street, though their torrid affair takes an obsessive, dangerous turn. Thriller. 18+

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